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Sujith is an experienced Project/ Program Management consultant with deep expertise in Complex Projects delivery and Troubled Projects recovery. He has more than 30 years of industry experience, with large corporates like IBM, TCS, Boeing, etc, and has conceived the GigsBoard concept from his experiences with troubled projects.

G Srinivas 

Co-Founder, Gigsboard and SVP Engineering

Srinivas is a  seasoned Technology Executive and Thought Leader focused on defining and realizing strategies in disruptive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud Computing. Srini has developed deep expertise in Event-driven Architectures, data analytics, and data integration, with proven successful implementations delivering business value through tech initiatives at IBM Software Labs and other Companies. 

Venkatesh Shanmuganathan 


Krishnan Narayan

Founder and Managing Director

A former Innovation Leader at IBM for the Telco Industry and a Chief Architect with 20+ years of leading, architecting and implementing Digital Transformation solutions with a variety of clients in the Computer, Telecommunications, IoT and Energy Industries. He has one patent (US 10.242.349 B1) on the "Efficient Scheduling and Maintenance of Distribution Systems".  He has been a keynote speaker at industry events, delivered proposals and learning to industry clients, and has a deep commitment to continuous learning in Cloud Technologies, Blockchain, Data Science, and AI.

Sujith Bhaskaran 

Founder, Gigsboard and Chief Operations Officer

SVP and Chief Architect 

Venky is a seasoned  SVP of Enterprise Architecture with over twenty-five years (25+) of experience in handling Digital transformations using AWS, GCP, Akamai, ABAC, and other Cloud providers.

Venky specializes in High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Concurrent models, Ground-up Platform Engineering of Semantic Computing Platforms using standard Microservice, dataflows, and actor models

Venky has In-depth experience in Product and Solution Architecture and its influence on Product development, and he demonstrated it using agile methods in implementing  EdTech and Societal ecosystems (Indian Healthcare).

Venky has two patents pending on Parallel Processing of Grade computations in the Assessment Domain and Application and Data migration using time machine based Event Sourcing

Venky is working closely on Semantic modeling and contributing to a GitHub repository for a collection of tools for semantic modeling

Meet The Team

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