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Our Work

This page describes some of our completed and on-going projects. This will give the reader some idea of the complexity of the projects undertaken by our team. Please feel free to reach out for details on any of our projects 


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM System Context .jpg


The goal of the RPM project was to combine the outputs

from multiple Medical IoT Devices (e.g. heart rate, blood sugar), into a common dashboard on a per patient basis in a device-agnostic manner suitable for Cardiac practitioners to view trends in the patient data


Patient 360 - Integrative
Ecosystem for Oncology (in progress) 

Gabongo Technology's mission is to build an “Integrative ecosystem for Oncology” that allows for the creation of a “Patient 360” dashboard for the Oncologist, that brings together data from Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiology into a “ System of Authority” from which the Patient 360 view can be generated dynamically. The dashboard will contain a longitudinal/timeline view of the Patient Record including Radiology, Labs, Clinicals and supporting consultations, and all interactions, molecular, pathology, and radiology including trend analysis for a particular test/lab that was ordered. The ultimate goal is to build an AI/ML-driven Recommendation Engine, using the System of Authority,  for Oncologists that helps them decide on the best possible treatment alternatives for a particular patient.

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